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Mexico to create new force to fight cartels
One of the top priorities for Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico's new president, is tackling violence. His predecessor tried going after the leaders of drug cartels, but that had only limited success. Now ...
Mexican Marines Apprehend 20 Suspects Carrying 4,000 Rounds of Ammunition
Marines detained 20 suspected criminals in three separate operations in Saltillo, the capital of the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, and seized rifles, ammunition clips and ammunition, the Navy Secretariat ...
Officials: More illegal immigrants from Central America
HOUSTON-- The Border Patrol states non-Mexican illegal immigrants are accounting for a slender majority of the firm's worries in South Texas.From October 2011 to July 31, agents apprehended even more ...
Army kills 5 in Nuevo Laredo attack
Nuevo Laredo has seen no break in violence as gunfights occur almost daily. Attacks on bars and restaurants continue to occur, leaving none safe. Seven were recently killed in the ...
Nearly 60,000 Drug War Deaths in Mexico Under Calderon
According to Monterrey's Milenio daily, organized crime-related violence has claimed 57,449 lives in Mexico during the six-year presidency of Felipe Calderon, including 10,485 so far this year Organized crime-related violence has ...
Los Hijos del Diablo : Another Zetas Splinter Group
Another group has allegedly split from the Los Zetas after death and betrayal has fractioned the group deeply. Los Hijos del Diablo (sons of the devil) appear to have formed from the Zetas ...
Destroying Drug Cartels, the Mathematical Way
"Killing drug lords gets headlines, but complexity analysis suggests they are the wrong people to target to bring down a cartel." One more gangland death WHEN the Mexican navy announced on 9 ...
Mexicans wonder why drug war doesn’t rate in presidential debate
Mitt Romney’s single mention of Latin America in the last presidential debate, calling it a “huge opportunity” for the United States, generated immediate glee from Latin Americans across Twitter. However. ...
Mexico’s drug cartels target journalists in brutal killing spree
Scores of journalists have died in a country gripped by violence that has claimed an estimated 60,000 lives since 2006 [caption id="attachment_66955" align="alignright" width="300"] Journalists light candles and ask for justice ...
7 die in Nuevo Laredo
Seven unidentified men were found butchered and stuffed into two vehicles in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, according to Mexican news accounts. A news dispatch posted on the website of Vanguardia news daily ...

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