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Blog del Narco: Mexican Military Forces Kill 4 Gunmen During Clash (Photo Warning)

December 18th 2012   ·   0 Comments

A clash between civilian and military killed 4 men.  The event occurred in the early morning in the village near Kilometer 30.

The shooting occurred about three o’clock, when two civilian vehicles fired on the soldiers who were on patrol on the Acapulco-Mexico highway, and immediately repelled the attack and killed the four alleged gunmen.

Two of the dead men were identified as Porfirio Castro Martínez and Ernesto Martínez de Jesús, 35 and 40 years old respectively.Image

Other hit men fled resulting in the military vehicle securing a yellow and white Nissan Tsuru taxi.  Two additional men died and three 9mm handguns and AR-15 rifle were found in the men’s possession.

Later, the authorities investigated the scene of the confrontation and found over a hundred bullet shells casings of different calibers.

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